Budha Girl At Julie's Jewels & Gifts
Budha Girl Collection At Julie's Jewels & Gifts

BuDhaGirl's story is a tale of awareness and new beginnings. Through Mindful Glamour®, BuDhaGirl inspires people to turn their routines into rituals. A journey into BuDhaGirl’s expanding collection of beautiful jewelry and meaningful products.

Discover something new with BuDhaGirl's handcrafted jewelry collection. Our pieces are designed to empower and inspire - explore our range of beautiful necklaces, earrings, rings, and more. Shop now for the perfect piece to add joy to your collection.

Sheila Fajl Designs At Julies Jewels Gifts
Sheila Fajl Design Collection At Julies Jewels Gifts

Sheila Fajl Designs, a prestigious California-based company, blends impeccable design and expert management to bring Sheila's vision of captivating, playful, and cutting-edge high-fashion jewelry to life.

Catherine Canino At Julies Jewels & Gifts
Catherine Canino Collection At Julie's Jewels & Gifts

Catherine Canino Jewelry has been designed and handmade in NYC by a team of artisans and craftspeople since 1999.

Catherine Canino is the designer behind everything at CC + Co by Catherine Canino. She has always possessed an insatiable obsession with fashion and design.

Their goal is to create everyday, wearable, clean, and classic pieces for the modern woman to give or get.

Their factory is located in the heart of Manhattan’s jewelry district, with a team of 20 fabulous crafters.

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